there are no superheroes to save us.

For six years, Assad’s treatment of his people has sickened and horrified me. But as evil as Assad is, many of those opposing him aligned themselves with evil as well, choosing to work with al Qaeda or ISIS. I was always against arming the “rebels” because proxy wars are pathetic.

Obama did nothing, the UN did nothing, and real people continued to die, either at the hands of Assad or in the sea trying to reach some semblance of safety.

I don’t celebrate death in response to death, but I want justice for the people of Syria. I have never been an anti-interventionist. If we have the capacity, we should always try to help.

It’s too soon to know if the right thing is being done, if justice is being served, but the spectre of those children needs to be in our minds as much tomorrow as it is today.


2 thoughts on “there are no superheroes to save us.

  1. The USA herself is an imperfect superhero.

    I’d have preferred no attack, but it wasn’t my call. I’m not suddenly going to stop supporting him because of Iraq/Afghanistan-fatigue and some Internet conspiracy theories.

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    • I am more apt to support him after this. I am an interventionist, especially when it comes to human rights. This is why libertarians don’t let me use their Ayn Rand secret decoder rings. 🙂


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