ignoring advice

I finally watched most of the second to last Wolverine movie. Full disclosure: I hate about 99% of the Marvel universe. I hated the XMen movies. I was not impressed by the standalone Wolverine movie with Liev Schreiber, (which pissed me off, as Liev Schreiber and Hugh Jackman battling half naked is the shit my fantasies are made of), so I skipped Wolverine Goes to Japan. 

And I was warned when I brought it up the other day. After two tearful, deeply emotional viewings of Logan, I said, “Hey, you know what I haven’t watched?” And the guy who knows me better than anyone – with whom I bonded on our first drunken night together over Wolverine and how completely unworthy Marvel was of having such a badass – looked at me and said, “Don’t do it. You’ll regret it.”

I regret it. 

How was that movie made by the same people who made Logan? Logan broke my heart. The writing and the acting were superb. It fucking destroyed me. 16 year old me was in love with Wolverine. (I hated Jean Grey for years, well beyond acceptable time limits for a grown up.) Watching him die was awful. And especially watching him die when he looked so good. I know he was beat to hell, but the grey in the hair, the beard, the suit, the weariness, the ache, taking care of the ailing Charles – pressed all of my buttons. Every. Single. One. Mmm. Yeah. 

Moving on.

I’m going to have to see it again to get Wolverine Goes to Japan out of my head. Hiroyuki Sanada was under-utilised (as he almost always is), the girl was about two hyperventilating breaths away from passing out, as well as being completely clichéd and useless.  Helpless Asian girl needs big gaijin to save her? I’m disappointed. In everyone.

I’ll stop complaining now and go to bed. Maybe I’ll dream of Liev Schreiber and Hugh Jackman half naked, fighting. That will put me in a much better mood. 

(About Hiroyuki Sanada – that guy is one of my favourites. He’s got such presence and versatility. Love him.)


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