truth from robbie williams.

You can tell me point blank that I’m a narcissist
I’m just needing confirmation that I exist

— “Best Intentions”

This should probably be cut into my headstone. For a long time I denied this, but it’s true. And I think I’m okay with it most days, although if someone else had pointed it out, I’d not be as blasé. I feel silly referring to myself as a “writer” when I haven’t published anything or a “poet” because come on but I definitely need creative outlets. I’m a terrible artist; can’t draw or paint for shit, but I’m still happy if I’m doing something creative, even poorly. 

People need to acknowledge and embrace their creativity, whatever that looks like. Art is the core of who we are as humans because we are works of art. Whether you believe we’re a happy accident or that there is a creator of life out there, we’re amazing creatures. Art is primal and embracing the primal, especially in this age of apathetic conformity, is paramount. It’s necessary or we will lose our way, as individuals and as a civilisation. 

So I’m a narcissist, and I need confirmation that I exist. So what? I’m not going to be ashamed of that. Knowing that something I’ve created has spoke to another person is not trivial. I’ve made my peace with this. 


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