what if

we treated each person as an individual – not a class, or color, or victim, or aggressor? You say you have a problem with special interest groups or the soft bigotry of low expectations? Leave your anger at the door and treat people like the creations of your maker that they are. I speak to the right because I was one of you, and I see now that freedom will not come because too few of you are interested in liberty. I speak to the left because I was one of you, long ago, and there are too few of you who believe liberty is the right of all people, even those that don’t agree with you. 

Let go of your anger, your identity, your cause. Recognize the divine spark within each and every being you see. Refuse to hate.

But remember that the refusal to hate does not signal a refusal to fight for what you hold dear. Love is not weak. Weakness is something else entirely. Love descended into hell and destroyed the old order. Love is what holds the universe together.